“I am not a man of writing, I am a man of drawing and as such, I tell stories that reflect my state of mind. Drawings flow instinctively without following a rationale. These expressions give beauty and variety to my drawings in which I find my thoughts. My drawings are not the result of predefined thoughts or sketches but on the contrary, from the beginning, they will evolve into a final piece. They emerge as a sequence of intuitive actions, a process of decision-making at the moment of the creation. This gives to each of my drawings its own life as individual moments at a specific time. I am fascinated seeing when my thoughts are translated into a visual piece.

I have a particular sensitivity for abstract drawings that can sometimes suggest architectural spaces, moments, and figurative ideas; the final interpretation is open to the spectator. Colours and geometry are the constant elements that I work on within all my drawings. I use them in a playful manner that creates its rhythm and representation of time. My pieces have the concept of time embedded in them. Each one represents a life expansion of a series of events that are not meant to be capture or framed as singular ones, rather as collections of events realized in a chain of action thoughts at a specific time.

Abstraction is very important to me. Abstract thinking, lines and forms do not have any heavy meaning of human culture, but everyone sees what they want to see in them giving each line or forms the weight it has as a reflection of their own culture. As an individual, I don’t want to be framed or categorize, and my work portrait that idea. My work it is a conclusion of a specific time that will never happen again. It is an expression of that moment within any alterations. Our life as we know it is a linear event. But my drawings grow, expand, mutate, and transform throughout their life until they just die.”

sebastian andia

Sebastian is developing his personal artwork simultaneously to the beginning of his architecture studies in 2001. He is exhibiting his work in numerous individual and collectives exhibitions in different cities such as Mendoza and Buenos Aires in Argentina, New York and Washington DC in the USA and in Tokyo, Japan. As an architect, Sebastian is an Associate at Zaha Hadid Architects since 2012 where has worked on a wide range of projects and competitions in Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East. Sebastian Andia is currently a project architect on a major mixed-use 250-meter tower in China. He previously worked as Lead Designer for Asymptote Architecture in New York City.

Sebastian Andia received a MArch post-professional degree from the AA School Design Research Lab (AADRL) in London. He studied at the Universidad de Mendoza in Argentina where he received his architectural degree with honours. During his studies, he attended exchange study programs both at the Universidad Anahuac in Mexico City Virginia Tech in Washington D.C., USA. Within his academic background, he has taught at several schools including the AA School with Diploma 17 and Intermedia 16 and at the Bartlett School of Architecture in London. He is currently teaching Media Studies at the AA School.